San Clemente Girls Softball

All Star Interest 2024


San Clemente Girls Softball All-Star Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in being considered for the SCGS All Star Program! Signing and
returning this form indicates that your daughter would be ready to accept an invitation to a
2024 summer all-star team. It does NOT guarantee your child a position on the team, but tells
the league that she is committed to the season should she be awarded a roster spot.

These are the important dates. Should any of them present a conflict, please indicate the
specifics at the end of this form.

  • Wednesday, May 1 – Teams are voted on and selected by coaches and are announced by each divisions’ representatives and posted on the league website by MIDNIGHT.

  • Sunday, May 5 – All Star practices can begin

2024 Tournaments:

  • May 10-12: North Shore Coastal Classic, Del Mar, CA

  • May 17-19: Rancho Roundup, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

  • May 24-27: San Clemente Memorial Day Classic, San Clemente, CA

  • May 31-June 2: Carlsbad Seabreeze Tournament, Carlsbad, CA

  • June 7-9: Irvine Summertime Classic, Irvine, CA

  • June 14-16: “C” District Tournament, Location TBD

  • June 21-23: “B” District Tournament, Location TBD

  • June 27-30: “C” SoCal Championships, Lancaster, CA (ONLY IF “C” TEAM QUALIFIES)

  • July 4-7: “B” State Championship Tournament, Lancaster, CA (ONLY IF “B” TEAM QUALIFIES)

  • July 19-21: Pacific Coast Region Championship Tournament, San Diego, CA (QUALIFIED “C” TEAMS & 8U)

  • July 29-Aug 4: Western National Championships, Medford Oregon (ONLY QUALIFIED 10U, 12U, 14U “B” TEAMS)

** Any tournaments listed above that take place after the district tournaments in late June will take place only if your child’s team performs well enough at that district tournament to qualify for a berth at the state tournament. Same goes for the regional or national tournaments, in that teams will only participate if they earn a spot based on performance at the state tournament.


Participation in SCGS all stars is both an honor and a commitment. We cannot offer a position
to every player in our league, so accepting a roster spot means that your daughter is ready to
contribute to her team at every team event.


Starting in mid-March, each SCGS coach is asked to observe and evaluate all the players in his or
her division who have indicated interest in participating in all stars. On May 1st coaches will
nominate the interested players on their own teams who they feel earned consideration based
on attitude, commitment, skill, knowledge of the game, sportsmanship and availability. All the
coaches in the division will then meet to discuss and vote on the top nominated players. Those
girls will become the gold, or “B”, team. If there is sufficient talent and interest, the coaches
will then vote on the next tier of players and that team will become the silver, or “C”, team. Occasionally we have enough interest and talent to make a Bronze team.


Players eligible for all stars must have participated in at least 75% of all SCGS Spring 2024
games. Players must NOT have played for or with any travel-type team after March 31, 2024.
“Played for or with” includes practicing and training with a travel-type team as well as
participation in any game, competition or scrimmage. Players must not appear on a travel
team roster after March 31


SCGS all star participation requires an additional fee. The exact number is still in the works, but
historically it has been approximately $575. The fee covers team tournament entry costs, as
well as field costs for practice in San Clemente, uniforms (two jerseys, pants, socks and a
practice jersey) as well as an all star gear bag and helmet.
The registration fee does NOT include additional costs associated with travel to tournaments,
meals, transportation, etc.

*** Our league has a tradition of one “stay away” tournament, the North Shore Coastal Classic  the weekend of May 10-12.  Families are responsible for making and paying for their own room reservations at the team hotel. It's recommended you make a 100% refundable reservation at either the San Diego Marriott Del Mar or the Double Tree by Hilton San Diego - Del Mar



Please fill out this form by April 24 ONLY IF she is willing and able to make the commitment this

Please remember that demonstrating interest does NOT promise your daughter
the opportunity to play in All Stars.

Player Information

Player Uniform & Gear

Player Availability

Parent Agreement


As a parent, I understand that my family is agreeing to all of the conditions listed in this form,
and agree to support the league, the coaches, the team and the other players by maintaining a
positive attitude. I recognize that the all star season is not like the regular season and playing
time rules are NOT in effect.

Parents must: 
• Be prepared to root for a new team, and support each of the girls. 
• Consider the team’s success as a success for their daughter, regardless of her role. 
• Support the coaching staff regardless of personal feelings.
• Follow all USA Softball Rules and Codes of Conduct including no drinking or smoking at any ASA tournament or practice. 

All-Star players are good athletes who may have a difficult time adjusting to these new demands, but they are essential to developing a competitive player and team. It is important that parents support their players and their coaches, and do their best to be sure their daughters remain positive about their teams and coaches. A player who has no confidence in her coach cannot learn from her coach. This undermines the entire program and the efforts of all our volunteers. 

Player Agreement


As a potential all star player, I agree to commit to team practices and tournaments, and to
maintain a positive attitude, regardless of the positions I am asked to play or the amount of
time I play them.

I understand that playing time and defensive positions are NOT guaranteed. The “fairness” rules we use during the regular season do NOT apply to the all-star season.  There are no infield or inning requirements at this point. Some players may be role players or may not get to play at all during a game. Some tournaments do not allow bat-around (batting all players) and there can be strict USA substitution rules. 

Players must: 
• Get used to the possibility that they might be sitting the bench more than they’re used to and/or filling whatever unfamiliar role the team may need. 
• Be willing to play positions they are not accustomed to, or may not prefer to play. 
• Think more about the team than themselves. It is a team sport and one player’s success is everyone’s success. 
• Handle personal failure with grace and composure, without bringing the rest of the team down. 

Players must NOT 
• Sulk, pout, or be demonstrably unhappy about their positions and/or playing time on a team. 
• Make negative comments about their teammates or coaches. 
• Make negative or threatening comments to opposing players, coaches, parents, umpires or anyone attending a game.